Step by Step Training On How To….


Learn how to Trim Cats Claws

At Home Safely and Easily


Plus, Clear Up The Confusion About

Whether You Need To Trim Cats Claws…

And The Cruel Secret of The

Cat World Revealed!


Dear Fellow Cat Lover,


My name is Catherine and I have been a cat lover and owner for years. Currently I have got 3 beautiful indoor cats and it is only recently that I have come to understand the reasoning behind trimming cat’s nails.

Like me, do you get bombarded with different advice over whether to trim cats claws are the right thing to do?


I have been in your position before and I hope that I can clear up some of your concerns.

I was told by so many different sources i.e. vets, pet shops and other cat lovers differing opinions of what I should do.

Some of the advice was:



Always clip your cats claws as so they stop scratching inside”

“never ever do it as it is cruel to the cat”

“Don’t bother – they don’t need it”


No wonder I was confused!!

This was the time that I discovered the cruel secret of the cat world – that people actually get their cats declawed rather than spending the time learning to clip their claws and train their cat not to scratch. This is just so cruel to the cat as it can have crippling effects both physically and emotionally on the poor cat.


So, I decided to do some research on the internet to clarify my situation and after hours of trolling through the web I came to a conclusion. Having indoor cats, I soon realised that clipping their claws was the best option for all of us. This was based on


  • The fact that they were strictly indoor and didn’t wear their claws down naturallyTrim Cats Claws
  • They occasionally used the couch as a scratching post


This journey of research on trimming cats nails helped me come to a few conclusions. And you know what?

It is different on a case by case basis – you need to get the facts and weigh them up to decide which is the right option for you and your cat.


So, now to clipping my cats claws…..

I yet again spent hours and used the internet as research to get ideas and tips as to how to trim cat’s claws. I read quite a few articles and watched a number of videos. I also spoke to the vet about it and got some over the phone advice.

There was some interesting stuff out there so I decided to give it a try.

So, my first attempt to clip their claws was rather interesting. I got scratched, the cats got freaked, there was blood (mine!) and some really peeved cats who wouldn’t come near me for a long while.

Trim Cat's Claws

I must say that it took a while to really get the hang of how to do it correctly and how to approach the cats to ensure that everyone was happy.

Not to mention how to hold them and how to deal with non-tolerant cats like my little ragdoll Ned.

Then there was the decision of what clippers to use?

My biggest concern was

      • What was the safest for the cat (and me!)
      • What was the most effective and easiest to use

Here, I spent a fortune on different kinds of clippers (yes, very spoilt cats!) to see what would be the least painful for all of us.

If you have ever gone into a pet supply shop and stood in front of the claw trimmer’s area, you will know what I am talking about. There are so many different types, sizes, colours, electric ones and so on.

Wow, what a choice to make!

And, yes, I bought one of each kind!

And, yes I spent time trying all of them to see which ones my cats tolerated better than the other….

I will now share wih you what I have learnt

I became so vocal about the reasons why I started to clip my cats claws and how I solved the scratching behaviour issues that family and friends often turned to me for advice.

So, I have decided that a really great thing to do is to put together a book to help people like me in the same situation. All of my research, vet tips plus practical experience in one place.

I will tell you now that this is not like other cat behaviour and clipping guides being hustled out there on the internet. The advice and the step by step instructions that are written about in my eBook are techniques that are proven to work time and time again.

What I learnt with my 3 beautiful but different kitties and have put into my eBook is:


      • How to clip their claws properly and safely without harming the cat
      • How to keep them calm and accept that I was playing around with their paws – areas that they don’t usually like played with
      • How to make the all-important decision of whether you should or shouldn’t clip cats nails
      • Some interesting facts about cat’s claws and the anatomy of the paw
      • If you have a scratching problem like I had, what makes the cat behave in this way?
      • How to change the cat’s behaviour so that they do not scratch on the couch anymore, or anywhere else in the house that is off limits
      • Some really effective tricks to make the regular scratching sites (couch and other such sites) really not attractive anymore by booby trapping the area
      • Which trimmers worked really well for us all and why




    Trim Cat's claws

    I have helped many people with some of these things and hopefully it can be of help to you too.

    I know that there is a huge amount of material out there on websites which is free, but what I have tried to do here is take away all those hours of research for you.

    Research that has taken hours on areas such as:

          • Cat scratching behaviour and why they do it
          • What to do to help change the cat’s behaviour and mind set
          • How to booby trap the couch (and other areas!)
          • How to trim cats nails
          • How to make the decision on whether you should trim your cats nails
          • What clippers to use and what is good or bad about them
          • Really importantly, why declawing your cat is not an option


      What I will not teach you is to consider declawing your cat. This is cruel and even illegal in some countries. This is something nobody should ever think of – ever!

      If you would like to learn

          • How to safely and easily learn how to trim your cats nails
          • The best ways to re-program your cat to stop scratching household items and how to convince it that the scratching post is the best place to scratch
          • Different ways to booby trap ‘off limit’ areas to scare your cat into never wanting to go back to that place

      then you have come to the right place!

      By now you will be wondering how much ‘A Quick And Easy Guide To Clipping Your Cats Claws’ is, and I know that you will be pleasantly surprised.

      This action packed and proven eBook is priced at $19.95 and the reasons why it is so great:

        • Easy to read with lots of pictures
        • Full of practical ideas and advice
        • Really easy to download – you will have instant access to it
        • A money back guarantee if you don’t like it


      What you will learn is:


          • Should you trim your cats claws? 
          • How do you do it safely 
          • What area you should avoid cutting
          • How to encourage your cat to scratch elsewhere
          • What options you have to give your cat a legal scratching area 
          • How you stop the cat from scratching area like the couch 
          • How you can set up unpleasant surprises for your cat when they do go back to the couch arm


        I have given you a number of really good reasons to learn how to make an informed decision on what you should do for your cat. However, there are some bonus reasons why you should buy this eBook

        Bonus Reason #1

        You will not have to pay $ to the vet each month to clip your cats claws for you. You will have the know how and the confidence to do it yourself


        Bonus Reason #2

        You will not have to fork out $$$ to replace cat scrtached furniture as you will learn how easy it is to train them not to scratch


        Here are what some people have said about my Ebook and how it has helped them:

           I was at my wits end trying to stop my cat from scratching at my antique dining table. This book has really helped my understand my cats thinking and given me great ideas which has really helped stop this bad behaviour. Thank you again! Carol, Auckland (NZ) 

        I have an indoor cat which likes to leave multiple scratch marks on the same wooden furniture in my home and it’s tiring to chase it off every time the cat attempts to scratch. After reading Catherine’s guide, I understood why my cat did that. Following her instructions on clipping the claws and training the cat not to scratch, my wooden furniture is now free from my cat’s “masterpiece”! Jeffrey Yap – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Cat Testimonial




         My relationship with my cat Omah was becoming really strained as I was constantly fighting him when trying to trim his claws. Your advice really worked and now he is tolorating it a lot better. Justin, Melbourne Australia 


        If you are interested in stopping your cat from scratching your household furniture, I can give you at a 50% discount so you will only pay $9.95 for some really good practical advice and ideas to help you and your cat!

        I know that buying a book over the internet can be daunting as you are not sure what you are actually buying. I have been there many times before and I am happy to take away all of the risk.

        If you do not like or get anything practical out of my eBook, I am more than happy to refund you your money within 60 days. But, I do hope that you do find something useful that will help your situation.

        This will only be offered for a short time. Please click on the link below to purchase now!



        Hurry, as this offer will not last.


        Guarantee: 60 day money back guarantee.

        Trim Cats Claws

        If you are not happy with your purchase, your

        money will be refunded – no questions asked!

        Finally, I am happy for you to contact me with any questions you might have. Simply fill out the contact form on the contact us page and I will email you shortly.